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Public Drop-off Locations

Foam recycling drop-off locations open to the public.

By clicking on the stars on the map above, you will be provided with addresses where foam can be recycled. The green stars indicate Dart-operated facilities and details for recycling foam are provided in addition to the addresses and hours of operation.

For more foam recycling locations go to www.earth911.com and search for "Styrofoam" or go to www.homeforfoam.com

Recycling Center Information

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Dart Collects Foam for Recycling throughout the United States

Recycling Specifications

NOTE: Dart Container Corporation does not pay for material delivered to us, nor will we reimburse for shipping. We reserve the right to refuse any foam that does not meet the above criteria.

Special Conditions for our Mason, Michigan Drop-Off Location

Our Mason, Michigan facility hours are 7 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. For small quantities on weekends or after 3 PM during the week, a drop-box is available. If you have a substantial amount (i.e. truckload) of material to deliver, we would appreciate delivery at a pre-arranged time, so that a loading dock will be available for you. For more information, please call 517-676-3803 ext. 2206. Existing Michigan County Recycling Program sites in need of pick-up scheduling assistance should call 517-676-3803 ext 2251.

Map of Dart's Mason Recycling Location