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The drive for efficiency is a core value at Dart. Our mission statement says: "Dart sets the industry standard of excellence by efficiently providing high quality foodservice packaging solutions and exceptionally reliable service." The dictionary defines "efficiency" as producing effectively with a minimum of waste. Efficiency is the cornerstone upon which Dart's business decisions are made. As our mission statement notes, efficiency occupies this central position because it drives creative solutions.
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Environmental Question and Answer

Questions and Answers

Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, foam foodservice products hold many environmental advantages over alternative types of single-service cups and containers. To find out more information about foam products and the environment, please visit our "Environmental Question and Answer" section.
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Recycling Information

Recycle Foam Cups

Foam foodservice products can be recycled as part of an integrated waste management strategy. Dart encourages the recycling of foam cups and foam foodservice products by offering three options: The CARE Program for large operators; Recycla-Pak, a mail-back recycling program for small operators; and drop-off locations for the general public throughout the United States.
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Health and Safety Topics

Health and Safety

Foam foodservice products are safe and effective. In fact, there has never been a single documented case of someone becoming ill owing to the use of a foam cup or container. Despite this stellar health and safety record, a surprising amount of misinformation has circulated about foam foodservice packaging. Over the years, we have addressed many questions, some of which have attained "urban legend" status.
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Information Regarding the 12th Report on Carcinogens
Issued by the National Toxicology Program

SIRC Press Release (pdf)
American Chemistry Council Press Release